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The Beginning

John E. Rogers, Inc. was founded in 1935 by first generation owner John Rogers, who began selling local produce out of the fertile valley in Great Meadows, NJ. He famously tells the story of driving his Ford Model T to the Washington Street Market in NYC to deliver a load of produce and not passing a single car on his 70-mile trip back. How times have changed!


Now, 75 years later, our company is still family owned and operated. Headed by John’s son Thomas and his son David, the company has adapted to changing times. We work with a variety of businesses – from large chain stores to restaurants and family farm markets – and we take pride in selling farm fresh produce to our customers. Over the span of our existence we’ve expanded our goods to include seafood of all types, including shellfish, frozen fish and fresh fish to order.

The strength of our business is built upon the relationships we maintain, both with our employees and our customers. We take pride in honest business, friendly service and quality products.

Our fruit selection, along with all of our other products, varies based on what’s delicious and in season.  Imagine a winter filled with lusciously sweet seedless Naval Oranges and juicy Tangelos leading you to a spring blossoming abundantly with local flair.  In the early spring we thoroughly enjoy the (unfortunately) short NJ strawberry season and rhubarb kicking off our need for sweets and tarts in the warm ease of spring.  Our local fruit blossoms into peaches, watermelons, nectarines all the while we follow the California and Washington seasons through their delicious cherry, plum, grape and other delectable fruits.  Give us a call to see what’s ringing our tastebuds this season!

When it comes to vegetables we are in a league of our own.  When John Rogers started our company in the late 1930’s with a model T and strong local farming community, his vision led us down the path we continue to follow today.  Our community of local farmers continues to grow and we lean on local for as much wonderful fresh produce as is in season.  As with every good thing, when the local season ends in the late fall months we move our supply to include fresh produce from sea to shining sea!  Once you’ve tried our various local lettuce in the summer you’ll never open a bag to make a salad again!  Start your spring in the right direction with some world famous NJ asparagus then enjoy all those wonderful Eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and everything that brings us into the brussels sprouts that are the tail end of the local crop.  Of course when our local farmers hang their hats for the season we count on the bountiful west coast and southeast to fill the gap throughout the winter.

Imagine fish from the coast of NJ, NY and New England fresh and in season – sound delicious??  It is!  We take pride in sourcing the freshest clams, oysters and fresh fish all year long and keeping our customers fed with the best there is to offer.  We’ve always taken pride in offering options for customers to enjoy FRESH.  Of course for those interested in enormous Alaskan King Crab Legs, Canadian Lobster Tails and Shrimp from the biggest to the smallest; we try to have a little something for everyone.  Give us a call today to order some fish fresher than you’ll get anywhere else.

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We’re located off Route 46 behind Villa Venice in Great Meadows, NJ

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